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Member Highlight

ACRA members are involved in every aspect of the car rental industry. Each week we’ll highlight one of our members here, so you can become familiar with the organizations ACRA serves. You can find our full list of members on the associate members page.

Recall Masters is the leading provider of automotive recall news, data, training, and communications. The company is dedicated to helping automakers and their network of franchised dealers expedite the repair of recalled vehicles and make the roadways safer for everyone. Greater recall awareness and proactive management helps automakers protect their brand and build trusting relationships between automotive dealers, rental car agencies, auto auctions and consumers alike.

For rental car agencies, Recall Masters protects the brand, customers and bottom line from the potential disaster of overlooking just one recalled vehicle in your fleet. With the enactment of the U.S. DOT’s Safe Rental Car Act, federal law prohibits most fleets from renting/leasing/selling vehicles with open recalls, imposes stiff penalties for violators and triples the cap on civil penalties to $105 million.

Gaining compliance with federal law begins with Recall Masters, empowering successful car rental agencies with a suite of proprietary software and recall knowledge. Seamlessly integrated into your existing systems, perform a daily check of all VINs to plan inventory availability. Recall Masters has you covered with protection from the automotive industry’s foremost authority in vehicle recalls.

Recall Masters is privately held and based in the Silicon Valley area of California with offices throughtout the nation. More information about Recall Masters can be found at For more information, please call 888.651.4480 or email Jim Schreitmueller, Vice President, at