Member Highlight

ACRA members are involved in every aspect of the car rental industry. Each week we’ll highlight one of our members here, so you can become familiar with the organizations ACRA serves. You can find our full list of members on the associate members page.

Jack Cooper Logistics

At Jack Cooper Logistics, we deliver a full spectrum of services within the finished vehicle and remarketed vehicle markets. And with a rich history of innovation, experience and accomplishment, we can proudly say: We keep the automotive marketplace moving.

Unlike most industry providers, Jack Cooper Logistics offers a broad continuum of services – from Land Transportation to Ocean Transportation to Rail & Yard Management to Vehicle Inspections to Claims Management to Title Services. We are able to offer customers a full suite of services, or just the one or two they need most. Our business units are staffed by highly experienced professionals who employ proven techniques and know-how, and the technology to get the job done right. With such comprehensive services, the support and synergy across our business units represent a true customer advantage.