American Car Rental Association:
The Voice of the American Auto Rental Industry
Dedicated to the betterment of the rental car industry by supporting and promoting sensible legislation that will benefit all its members.


While our industry is a particularly competitive one, it’s that same competitive spirit ACRA welcomes and calls upon from its members to create a unified voice in support of sensible legislation and the overall health of OUR industry.  As a rental operator, membership within ACRA (the only national association representing the American auto rental industry) provides you with an opportunity to be involved and stay informed about issues that affect you and your operation.

Being informed of potential legislation and how our industry is being viewed by the legislators allows you to make informed decisions on how you want to run your business.  You may not even know certain legislation has been passed that is impacting you.  By not having this information you may be operating your business illegally.

The fact is, legislation in our industry does not always make the 5 o’clock news. ACRA offers you an opportunity to be informed and also be involved if you want to help swing the vote in a favorable position. You have a choice to make a difference in the profession you have chosen or accept the fate that is handed to you. ACRA is about making a difference by creating a viable organization that represents the views of its members.

Vendors also benefit from membership within ACRA as there are several reasons a vendor would want to join the association. First, ACRA has an alliance with Auto Rental News to provide a discount to all members of ACRA, Regular (rental operator) and Associate (vendor/supplier), to the annual Car Rental Show. The discount alone is well worth the membership.  Secondly, it gives them access to the member list of all the Regular members in the association.  Thirdly, their support helps us sustain a healthy industry from which vendors are deriving their own living.  We welcome you all with the overall goal of a healthier and robust rental car industry.

Some of the additional benefits our members receive:

  1. Immediate access to local and federal legislative efforts.
  2. Car Rental Show registration discounts.
  3. Car Rental Show exhibitor discounts.
  4. Discounted advertising on the ACRA website.
  5. Goodyear National Account tire purchase program and discounted preventive maintenance.
ACRA encourages those of you visiting our site who are not currently members of the American Car Rental Association to join those who have already made the commitment to support OUR industry while accomplishing together that which we cannot do alone.