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ACRA support legislation in five states

ACRA is actively working to promote and support legislation at the state level that benefits our members and the auto rental industry as a whole. A highlight of recent endorsements from ACRA in the states of Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, New York, and Utah.

The Wrong Road for Illinois

Some are asking Gov. Bruce Rauner to take a wrong turn by favoring out-of-state special interests over businesses that employ thousands of Illinois residents and pay hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. They are encouraging the Governor to veto bipartisan legislation (SB2641) passed by the Illinois General Assembly that would provide fair and equal treatment under the law for all car rental transactions.

New Florida Law Restricts non-US Drivers

A law was passed in Florida which came into effect Jan 1, 2013. According to this law, non US residents can drive in Florida only with both a license and an international driving permit.

ACRA Legislative Update

Most state legislatures will be back in session next month. Here are some of the issues on which the American Car Rental Association will be working on, on behalf of its membership.