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In Memoriam: Frank Colonna

Frank Colonna, long-standing ACRA board member and industry supporter passed away on March 30. He was the founder and owner of Triangle Rent A Car based in Raleigh, N.C, and grew his business to include 29 locations across four states.

Become an ACRA State Ambassador

As a repesentative of the car rental industry, membership in ACRA provides the opportunity to become involved in and stay informed about issues that affect you and the car rental business. ACRA strives to make a difference by creating a viable organization that represents the views of its members.

ACRA Thanks Outgoing President Barton for Service

Bob Barton, outgoing President of ACRA from 2006-2014, accepting a plaque for his service and dedication to the growth of ACRA. Joe Knight, the current President of ACRA gave the award and noted Bob’s words as displayed on the plaque: “We are our own worst enemies when we choose not to work together on legislative and taxation issues.” The entire membership of ACRA thanks Bob Barton for a job very well done.

Welcome to Board Member McKenzie Spalding

ACRA would like to welcome McKenzie Spalding with Choice Auto Rental, as our newest board member. Ms. Spalding serves as the Director of Operations for Choice Auto Rental in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. She is passionate about politics, and is active in legal and legislative issues that affect the industry in Minnesota

Vehicle Manufacturers Join ACRA

The American Car Rental Association is proud to announce that the following OEM’s have joined with ACRA to support the car rental industry: Nissan/Infiniti, Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Subaru of America, Inc., Chrysler Group, LLC., Mazda, and General Motors. Our car rental companies have long been the largest purchasers of fleet vehicles in the United States and we welcome these manufacturers as our recommended fleet suppliers to our car rental members.

Welcome to Board Member Gary Macdonald

ACRA would like to welcome Gary Macdonald with Midway Car Rental, as our newest board member. Mr. Macdonald is President and Chief Operating Officer of Midway Auto Group. He has been active in the car rental business since 1976 when he joined Midway.

ACRA Statement on Draft Recall Legislation

The American Car Rental Association and all of its member companies (Includes all the major entities as well as numerous independents and franchisees nationwide) are in full agreement with the proposed legislation that endorses safety requirements for car rental companies.

Facts About Auto Safety Recalls and Rental Cars

There are 1.6 million rental vehicles, including car-sharing in service in the United States. Our industry has a long history of providing safe vehicles for our customers. Nowhere is this more apparant than in our timely and comprehensive procedures for dealing with recalls. Our commitment to safety has led our members to adopt far more…