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ACRA support legislation in five states

ACRA is actively working to promote and support legislation at the state level that benefits our members and the auto rental industry as a whole. A highlight of recent endorsements from ACRA in the states of Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, New York, and Utah.

2018 ACRA DC Legislative Conference

The annual ACRA DC Legislative Conference, held on September 24, 25, and 26 was a resounding success. ACRA presented Congressman Steve Cohen with our ACRA Legislator of the Year award.

The Wrong Road for Illinois

Some are asking Gov. Bruce Rauner to take a wrong turn by favoring out-of-state special interests over businesses that employ thousands of Illinois residents and pay hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. They are encouraging the Governor to veto bipartisan legislation (SB2641) passed by the Illinois General Assembly that would provide fair and equal treatment under the law for all car rental transactions.

The American Car Rental Association encourages peer-to-peer (P2P) car rental and car-sharing operators to become ACRA members

Our hope is that P2P operators will consider joining ACRA in our ongoing effort to help shape these important and long-term public-policy issues, and strengthen all of our voices by doing so

ACRA’s 5th Annual D.C. Legislative Conference

ACRA will hold its annual D.C. Legislative Conference in September. This two day event will allow ACRA members to meet with senators, members of congress, and their staffs on issues that affect the car rental industry

ACRA’s 4th Annual D.C. Legislative Conference

ACRA held it’s 4th annual D.C. Legislative Conference. It was a two day event that allowed its members to meet with senators, congressman, and their staffs on issues that affect the car rental industry.

ACRA’s 4th Annual D.C. Legislative Conference

ACRA invites all members, including associate certified vendors and car rental operators, to our 4th Annual D.C. Legislative Conference. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to see how ACRA makes a difference for the car rental industry and to experience Washington, D.C. first hand with the assistance of seasoned lobbyists.

ACRA Partners with Goodyear to Provide Cost Savings to ACRA Members

The American Car Rental Association has partnered with Goodyear to provide a cost saving National Account tire purchase program to US ACRA members. No matter what size rental fleet, every US ACRA member can now purchase Goodyear, Dunlop and Kelly auto and light truck tires at discounted prices through authorized local Goodyear dealers across the US.