The American Car Rental Association and all of its member companies (Includes all the major entities as well as numerous independents and franchisees nationwide) are in full agreement with the proposed legislation that endorses safety requirements for car rental companies. This is an easy proposal to support as it sets into law what our member companies have been doing voluntarily for some time.

The American Car Rental Association represents the entire car rental industry not just the 93 percent of the rental car market that is comprised of the four major rental car companies, who have agreed to endorse this legislation. We have been fully involved in every meeting, teleconference, and communication working with all the stakeholders to codify the standards in addressing recalled vehicles in order to have a uniform standard which provides greater confidence to our customers.

The legislation we are supporting prohibits the rental of any vehicle subject to a safety recall notice, including vehicles rented from car sharing services. ACRA’s endorsed bill would also prohibit car rental companies from selling used vehicles subject to an open recall. Since there’s no similar law governing any other used car sellers, this will hold our industry to an even higher standard than all other used car sellers and hopefully set the standard for other for hire transportation services.

This proposal represents a responsible approach that reflects a great deal of thoughtful analysis and negotiation which focused on practical implementation issues and we fully support this recall legislation.