Impact of Pandemic on Car Rental Industry

You don’t need to hear it from ACRA – your business probably has been profoundly and negatively impacted over the last two to three weeks. Cancellations, no-shows, drastic declines in rentals – even lack of physical space to park idled vehicles. Some published estimates indicate that overall domestic rentals have dropped between 50% and 80% month over month – February to March.

What You Can Do To Help Your Industry

Contact your Senators and Representatives on Capitol Hill and send them a message to “Include the car rental industry in the COVID-19 economic stimulus package”; be sure to note your business location and number of employees.

To find your Senators:
To find your Representative:

For the House, enter your zip code and you will be directed to the legislators’ websites; ACRA suggests you send a message, rather than call, as most Hill offices with have answering machines on at this point.

ACRA Actions

Congressional Actions